Within a buying role at Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Argos and you are starting to prepare for a new season, or looking at a new range there is first a lot of research that needs to be carried out. One of the tasks is to perform a Comp Shop, to see what competitors are selling within their range and what they are placing their focus on.

The CompShop app aims to give users a place where the information gathered can be saved as well as presenting this information for the various strategy meetings that take place.

The current problem

– Everyone within the team takes their notes on different formats. eg pen and paper, mobile notes. Making it quite time consuming to collate this data when back at the office.
– When out on the comp shop a lot of photos are taken of products, Shelving, and different competitor offers but there is no system
that links the notes taken from colleagues with the various images taken, so this becomes a manual task to link up the images with the notes when back at the office.
– The start of a new season can be quite a busy time. Collecting the teams data can happen a number of weeks after the comp shop has taken place, meaning that when collating, certain points may be missed.
– Because different people collate the Comp Shop every season, it can be very difficult to find previous Comp Shops to compare against.
-All the current teams display their data in different ways. Causing issues when senior manager move departments with teams delivering something the manager is not used to or expecting.

The User

Tesco employees within Buying team. Including Buyer, Merchandising, Technical and Web Trading.


– Mobile app that will collate the teams data, notes and images.
– Will link photos taken with the correct store.
– Will present the teams data in a web interface, that can be saved out and be used within a team strategy meeting.
– A system that allows users to view past CompShops.


Research – Concur

Concur is a mobile application that allows employees to submit expenses. I can see this being a similar application as the CompShop as this is a simple interface that presents the user with a number of forms they have to enter, as well as using the camera to add receipts to specific expenses.


  • Simple to use. You can generally pick this up and use it with little knowledge of the app.
  • Clearly spaced and labeled.


  • When entering and submitting a form you go through different pages and it is not clear how far you have gone away from the home page of your initial entry. I think this can be partly blamed on the page colour. As all are white its difficult to create a picture in your head of how you have directed yourself to the current page.

Research – Bazaar voice

Bazaar voice is an online application that gathers our customer comments and ratings. It will then feed this data back so you can quickly decide what products need to be focused on, and how these have been tracking over a certain period of time.


  • Very good at gaining a brief overview of how your area is tracking and what areas need to be looked at in more detail.
  • Data can be easily adapted and can be presented in meetings without having to edit and change formats.
  • Doesn’t give too many options so overbearing for first time users.
  • Question marks discreetly added to help users understand what is being seen.
  • When hovering over graphs more detail is quickly presented in a small pop up, making the forms engaging.


  • Does not take into account actual returns so you can not rely on this data alone.
  • Only shows data in graph format. Table format may be beneficial to digging down deeper.

Research – Dunnhumby

Dunnhumby is a company that uses clubcard transactions to help Tesco and out more about their customers.
They deal with lots of data and have to present this in a way that can be easily understood.


  • Have separated the page into two defined areas. Top data, bottom form, allowing user to clearly move between different sources.
  • Colour coded so user can determine the relation between top data table and bottom form.


  • No feedback from forms, showing data.
  • No quick tips explaining to new users how to interpret the data.
  • Above form you have drop down to change data source. As a new user there are too many options, which can be quite overwhelming.

User Journey. Mobile application

Showing user flow of how both a participant and organiser would use the comp shop app.

User Journey. Desktop

Showing user ow of how both a participant and organiser can edit submitted data as well as accessing data in graph form.

Sitemap. Mobile and Website

Wireframe. Mobile


Wireframe. Desktop