Honda Test drive

A personal project, looking at the process of booking a test drive, and Identifying friction points within the journey.

The original site

Honda test drive website


The Competition


Notes from competitors


What the User needs

  • To be able to speak with the local dealer.
  • To find the right car for my needs/ interests.
  • To understand the options available to me in terms of optional extras, costs, and finance deals.
  • To understand where my local dealer is located

What the dealer needs

  • To be able to open up a conversation with their potential customer.
  • Understand what the customer is looking for, or needs, to help them find a car of their choice.







For the Dealer

  • Allow local dealer to manage their test drives within a CMS, to help them build a relationship with the customer, before even meeting them.
  • The dealers name and branch appears before the confirmation page, giving the user a contact name even if they choose not to take a test drive.
  • After confirmation an option form the user can complete, allowing dealer to find out more about customer, such as yearly millage, sports, family, pricing.

For the user

  • To include something similar to a what you find when booking a delivery within a grocery website that shows time and date. This is widely used, so the customer will already have a mental model for this process when booking a time and date for their test drive, and will easily shows slots already taken.
  • Options so the user can easily add date and time of test drive to a calendar of their choice.
  • To be given the name of the dealer that will look after them on the day of the test drive.
  • Receive a confirmation of the users choice, whether this is a call, email or text.
  • Have a short checklist to understand what they have ordered, whilst allowing the user to go back and change items if needed.
  • Users initial input of post code to be used to find local dealers as well as helping to fill out address form later in the journey.


  • System to hold onto the input information by the user when navigating forward and backwards through the journey.
  • A version of the test drive application to be built so that dealers can add within their own websites.
  • Sign up to be moved to a Facebook, Google log in. Allowing customers to browse first and see if car/ date time are available for their chosen car.
  • Inline validation to be included.