Samsung Homepage

Evaluate the Samsung Galaxy S8 product page and provide improvement recommendations in the form of a presentation to present to the Cheil UX team.



  • Allow users to learn about the products as well buying options.
  • When user chooses a phone (colour) the theme of the page changes throughout.
  • Give users an initial view of what the page has in it.
  • Allow an area that shows all the features the phone has in one viewing area.
  • Give more interaction into the page.
  • Allow users to choose the videos they view and add silent view videos.
  • Offer other areas where the user may wish to go
  • Give buying info within page
  • Allow users to add to basket
  • Give social element to page, showing how real users are using their phone right now.
  • Bring advertisement further down the page.
  • Give users more animation/videos to explain functionality of page.
  • Option to allow users to see how this phone compares to competition.
  • Bring nav further down page, then when scrolling down, the nav sticks to top – Would this link to sections on page or go to other areas of site?


  • Change content depending on device – e.g.  focusing on iPhone users.
  • Could you use Facebook data to determine what users are most interested in. Eg taking selfies, adding lots of photos, reading news stories, or posting to determine order of components.
  • Returning user – strip down content on page so that it leads users to click and navigate to more in-depth information.


Areas of focus:

  • Making the product the first thing the user see’s.
  • User can select model and colour which can change page theme and info.
  • Users can add to cart without navigating away.
  • Icon nav at top allows users to know content of page.
  • Feature container feeds bullet point information to user along with changing imagery, Allowing users to interact more with the page.
  • Accessories added to page so users can add straight to basket and see phone options as a lead into accessories section.




  • Would discuss and research the role of the page, from business perspective and user perspective
  • Would like yo test the navigation elements to see if main nav should be brought into page content.
  • Images at top of page – Should these be only the model of phone the user has selected, or should the other models fade into the background.
  • Would want to see what works for feature intro text, would description or singular words be best.