Sketch to production – Design Museum

A talk that looked at the Italian car industry, with a first look at both the Automotive sectors in Italy and in the UK. Looking where the technology is taking the industry and the areas that may cause issue in the future, with an exhibition at the end ‘Ferrari: Under the skin’.

The roundtable discussions were moderated by Richard Charlesworth from Bentley. With the first looking at Engineering, development and production of vehicles in small series. With Danilo Lazzeri CEO of Blue Engineering, Glanluca Fomeris Cecomp Owner and Nick Carpenter, Director at Delta Motorsport taking the stand.

The second talk focused around Italian tradition and creativity in car and industrial design. Alessia Pirolo Italia Ambassador UK for Frangivento, Johann Lemercier Centro Stile Ferrari, Carlo Bonzanigo, Head of Design at Pininfarina, Fabrizio Giugiaro Founder of GFG Style, Louis Fabribeckers Head of Design at Touring Superleggera.

All going through their backgrounds from where they think the future is taking their perspective companies, with some good questions at the end where both Fabrizio and Carlo agreeing that the one car they most wished was one of their own being the DS19 Citroen (I think I need to learn more about car design).

It was very insightful hearing from Johann who is the Design Manager at Ferrari who talked about his background. Taking 8 years out to become a photographer before moving to Ferrari. He talked about the pressures he felt from being French and having to incorporate the history of not only Ferrari but Italian design into his teams work. He spoke about how as a team they spent a couple of years researching and building a design guideline for their cars, but in the end felt this can be quite constricting. Thinking that a Ferrari should be styled and built with the latest available technology that is available at that time, as well as saying that each car should be recognisably Ferrari without the badge.

Moving to a later discussion both Louis and Johann agreed how important agencies are, with Ferrari only just bringing design in house. This is to give a third eye and bring freshness into the designs. Talking from both Ferrari and Mini that inhouse designers and engineers who live and breathe their bands can sometimes not bring the freshness to their designs that they would like, also mentioning how 4 different projects that run simultaneously in house, and how eventually each car range will end up having similar ideas incorporated into them.

The panel also talked about their prototypes weather it is a concept for new technology or if it something to grow interest in the brand at the latest motor show.