Transforming rail


High I took a  quick look at the recent survey site about the new rail timetables that are being introduced, after seeing how my 8 friends reacted to the website.

A friend recently sent me a the link above link over Whatsapp. With a lot of the group commuting into london it became quite a hot topic. When my friend first sent it across it was with dismay at the reduction ot our service. So I had a look along with my mates.

All plugging in our details stevenage to kings Cross. The form returned our existing trains with the new proposed timetable and then gave the option to complete a survey, so we could say what we thought about the proposed changes.

The form showed our current schedule with around 10 trains in the morning period from 7 to 8 o’clock in the morning. With the new train schedule showing just two trains. How could this be right, with all the trains currently being packed. So plugged in the details again to see if anything had gone wrong. The exactly the same outcome appeared.

As a conversation was going on whatsapp about these changes and my friends finding the same, our anger quickly grew. Leaving us all to fill out the form leaving quite harsh feedback.

It was a couple of weeks later when speaking to a friend that I actually found out our service was changing and we would no longer be stopping at Kings cross, and would be calling into St Pancras which is just next door. This new format actual allowing commuters to travel further into london, as far as Blackfriars.

I returned to the form and filled it out again putting BlackFriars instead of Kings Cross. Showing the new timetable with several trains I could now catch.


Looking at the page

When Looking at the page again and reading all the way through there was text explaining the changes to the service, but these messages are being missed, probably leading to the survey being incorrectly filled out. Also users can read this and think that the text does not apply to them.

The proposed changes at a glance

New expanded Thameslink network will include more frequent direct services via St Pancras, Farringdon (with interchange to Crossrail), City Thameslink, Blackfriars and London Bridge to Gatwick, Brighton, Horsham and Maidstone East. Additional Great northern Mainline peak services will also be provided to and from London Kings Cross. Trains between Moorgate and Stevenage will be replaced by buses between Hertford North / Watton-at-Stone and Stevenage until at least 2021 in both directions until new infrastructure is completed at Stevenage.


The problem

I have quickly noted down some of the problems that I think the page has to deal with and how users are coming to the site.

  • Rail travel is highly sensitive with a big part of a user’s salary going on travel, leading to users expecting the worst and being ready to quickly complain.
  • Media highlighting bad news within the rail sector such as rail price increase and strikes that affect commuters.
  • The link being passed through Whatsapp where people can feed off each others complaints.

Issues with the page:

  • Users have no idea that the service is changing to St Pancras so would not even think about entering this destination into the form.
  • Text explaining the changes are too long making it quite easy to not understand what the information means to you.
  • The text on mobile is served too far down the page. As users see the form first and realise their trains have been cancelled users will scan for the survey button to voice their feelings and don’t look to read the rest of the page.



  • Make specific headers to the new time table that highlights changes quickly, giving a link to new timetable that actually includes St Pancras.
  • Understand that when users enter Kings Cross into the form that commuters are interested into getting to London, and know that ST Pancras is located in the same location. So serve up St Pancras to these users when showing the timetable.
  • Rewrite the text so that it it has less jargon and can be easily scanned.
  • Highlight the extra stations that will become available to commuters.


Proposed changes

Thameslink is expanding with frequent direct services to:

  • St Pancras, Farringdon (with interchange to Crossrail), City Thameslink, Blackfriars and London Bridge to Gatwick, Brighton, Horsham and Maidstone East.
  • Additional Great northern Mainline peak services to and from London Kings Cross.
  • Trains between Moorgate and Stevenage will be replaced by buses between Hertford North / Watton-at-Stone and Stevenage in both directions until new infrastructure is completed at Stevenage. This will last until at least 2021.




I have tried to give more information to users but in smaller elements to display the extra benefits of the new service to the user. Hoping that giving the full information to the user will allow more accurate results once the survey has been completed.



Within a buying role at Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Argos and you are starting to prepare for a new season, or looking at a new range there is first a lot of research that needs to be carried out. One of the tasks is to perform a Comp Shop, to see what competitors are selling within their range and what they are placing their focus on.

The CompShop app aims to give users a place where the information gathered can be saved as well as presenting this information for the various strategy meetings that take place.

The current problem

– Everyone within the team takes their notes on different formats. eg pen and paper, mobile notes. Making it quite time consuming to collate this data when back at the office.
– When out on the comp shop a lot of photos are taken of products, Shelving, and different competitor offers but there is no system
that links the notes taken from colleagues with the various images taken, so this becomes a manual task to link up the images with the notes when back at the office.
– The start of a new season can be quite a busy time. Collecting the teams data can happen a number of weeks after the comp shop has taken place, meaning that when collating, certain points may be missed.
– Because different people collate the Comp Shop every season, it can be very difficult to find previous Comp Shops to compare against.
-All the current teams display their data in different ways. Causing issues when senior manager move departments with teams delivering something the manager is not used to or expecting.

The User

Tesco employees within Buying team. Including Buyer, Merchandising, Technical and Web Trading.


– Mobile app that will collate the teams data, notes and images.
– Will link photos taken with the correct store.
– Will present the teams data in a web interface, that can be saved out and be used within a team strategy meeting.
– A system that allows users to view past CompShops.


Research – Concur

Concur is a mobile application that allows employees to submit expenses. I can see this being a similar application as the CompShop as this is a simple interface that presents the user with a number of forms they have to enter, as well as using the camera to add receipts to specific expenses.


  • Simple to use. You can generally pick this up and use it with little knowledge of the app.
  • Clearly spaced and labeled.


  • When entering and submitting a form you go through different pages and it is not clear how far you have gone away from the home page of your initial entry. I think this can be partly blamed on the page colour. As all are white its difficult to create a picture in your head of how you have directed yourself to the current page.

Research – Bazaar voice

Bazaar voice is an online application that gathers our customer comments and ratings. It will then feed this data back so you can quickly decide what products need to be focused on, and how these have been tracking over a certain period of time.


  • Very good at gaining a brief overview of how your area is tracking and what areas need to be looked at in more detail.
  • Data can be easily adapted and can be presented in meetings without having to edit and change formats.
  • Doesn’t give too many options so overbearing for first time users.
  • Question marks discreetly added to help users understand what is being seen.
  • When hovering over graphs more detail is quickly presented in a small pop up, making the forms engaging.


  • Does not take into account actual returns so you can not rely on this data alone.
  • Only shows data in graph format. Table format may be beneficial to digging down deeper.

Research – Dunnhumby

Dunnhumby is a company that uses clubcard transactions to help Tesco and out more about their customers.
They deal with lots of data and have to present this in a way that can be easily understood.


  • Have separated the page into two defined areas. Top data, bottom form, allowing user to clearly move between different sources.
  • Colour coded so user can determine the relation between top data table and bottom form.


  • No feedback from forms, showing data.
  • No quick tips explaining to new users how to interpret the data.
  • Above form you have drop down to change data source. As a new user there are too many options, which can be quite overwhelming.

User Journey. Mobile application

Showing user flow of how both a participant and organiser would use the comp shop app.

User Journey. Desktop

Showing user ow of how both a participant and organiser can edit submitted data as well as accessing data in graph form.

Sitemap. Mobile and Website

Wireframe. Mobile


Wireframe. Desktop




Tesco Bank

Redesigning Tesco bank to give a consistent look and feel.

The problem:

  • When navigating through the site, the website went into different formats, with the navigation moving around the page from right to left.
  • There is no obviously place to go within the homepage if you want to pay a bill, or showing how much you need to credit your account by before a specific date.
  • Is Debit and Credit the best terminology to use?
  • Nowhere showing what your credit limit is, which could lead to mistakes when comparing it to over banking site.

Existing page review

Competitor Review


Key points of the design:

  • Give a constant responsive website between pages.
  • Allow key information about account to be accessible from homepage.
  • Reduce number of clicks by putting pages within tabbed sections.
  • Allow credit card payments within homepage.

Halifax Share Dealing

A personal project looking at the home page of the Halifax share dealing site.

The Problem

Whilst using this I found that the homepage didn’t offer much other than a form a set of links to other areas of the site. There were 3 sets of links which made it difficult to know where you should be focusing your attention, from a set of 6 icons, to a right hand nav, to quick links that weren’t categorised in the footer.

What I wanted to do was have a quick play that would give the user more information about their account straight from the offset, as well as an option to allow the user to immediately search for quotes, rather than have to drill down through the site to find the share dealing account.

Original page



Key points:

  • Icons originally merged in with advert so user overlooked these.
  • Icons have been reduced in number, and placed in location where user can
    clearly understand their purpose.
  • Research and buy section moved into a more prominent area to allow customers to quickly buy and research shares.
  • Best and worst performers have been added to front page to give user key information about their account.
  • Navigation moved into a overlay to free up space within page, and to allow a
    consistent navigation across website.

Lloyds Banking Group

A Review of the Club Lloyds page within the Banking / Personal current accounts section within Showing shortfalls of current page, and improvements to the UX of the current section, as well as showing approach to launch live.  With the aim of encouraging more customers to apply for or upgrade to the product.

Existing Page Review

Initial Concept

Further Development


Honda Test drive

A personal project, looking at the process of booking a test drive, and Identifying friction points within the journey.

The original site

Honda test drive website


The Competition


Notes from competitors


What the User needs

  • To be able to speak with the local dealer.
  • To find the right car for my needs/ interests.
  • To understand the options available to me in terms of optional extras, costs, and finance deals.
  • To understand where my local dealer is located

What the dealer needs

  • To be able to open up a conversation with their potential customer.
  • Understand what the customer is looking for, or needs, to help them find a car of their choice.







For the Dealer

  • Allow local dealer to manage their test drives within a CMS, to help them build a relationship with the customer, before even meeting them.
  • The dealers name and branch appears before the confirmation page, giving the user a contact name even if they choose not to take a test drive.
  • After confirmation an option form the user can complete, allowing dealer to find out more about customer, such as yearly millage, sports, family, pricing.

For the user

  • To include something similar to a what you find when booking a delivery within a grocery website that shows time and date. This is widely used, so the customer will already have a mental model for this process when booking a time and date for their test drive, and will easily shows slots already taken.
  • Options so the user can easily add date and time of test drive to a calendar of their choice.
  • To be given the name of the dealer that will look after them on the day of the test drive.
  • Receive a confirmation of the users choice, whether this is a call, email or text.
  • Have a short checklist to understand what they have ordered, whilst allowing the user to go back and change items if needed.
  • Users initial input of post code to be used to find local dealers as well as helping to fill out address form later in the journey.


  • System to hold onto the input information by the user when navigating forward and backwards through the journey.
  • A version of the test drive application to be built so that dealers can add within their own websites.
  • Sign up to be moved to a Facebook, Google log in. Allowing customers to browse first and see if car/ date time are available for their chosen car.
  • Inline validation to be included.