Portfolio overview

Project: Website re-platform
Client: Knight Frank
Company: TH_NK

Skills used: Workshops & Ideation sessions, Experience mapping, Information Architecture, Wireframing & Prototyping, Usability testing
Overview: A complete website refresh, with one of my tasks looking at how you could completely reshape the property page to really help put the user in the property. Using a retail pattern we put users straight into the gallery, with information on the right hand side. This gallery area allows for a mix of media so as soon as users land on the page they could start to build up that picture of themselves in the space.
The page was also design to have multiple states that allowed for commercial and residential properties, as well as changing the content through the life cycle of the sale. Allowing the agents to add a property when maybe they had yet to gather images, so they can immediately start to gather interest from users interested in that area, to the sold state allowing users to know what prices were in that area, and an agent to contact to show their interest in the area.
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Project: Public facing website discovery
Client: BT Wholesale
Company: EPAM

Skills used: Discovery, Leading workshops, Information Architecture, Wireframing & Prototyping.
Overview: Over a number of years the public facing website had become bloated as new products were released, and pages being added, so there became a mixture of products and services in one place. Meaning that the BT Account managers and Sales teams were being relied on more and more to help BT customers find the content they needed.
Working with a Content strategist we set up a number of workshops to get the Marketing, Product, and Proposition teams together to define what the new website should be and who it should be aimed at.
Before we could create a new site map, we found there were a number of product structures being used, so we consolidated with a number of workshops with Product, Propositions, and Marketing teams. From this we were able to create a new site map, and then creating designs allowing the BT team to visualise the findings and generate interest in the project, allowing BT to find the budget to create a new squad to support this area.
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Project: Help and Support & Message now CUI
Client: BT Wholesale
Company: EPAM

Skills used: Discovery and Vision designs, MVP, Leading workshops, Information Architecture, Wireframing & Prototyping, Team leadership, 3 Amigo’s, Planning, Conversational User interface.
Overview: The current website caused a problem for the BT Account managers and support teams, as they would have to spend a lot of their time solving issues that the user should be able to self serve. Here I led this project with 3 other designers to create an area there users can go to get quick FAQ’s, help resources, and Chat bot feature, as well as leading workshops with various support teams to create a back log of content that needed to be created. This also involved me preparing the prototypes and questions for usability testing as well as running a 3 Amigo session to start the discussing with etc development team.

Project: Website audit
Client: Counter Terrorism Police
Company: EPAM

Skills used: Leading workshops, Experience mapping, Website auditing, Information Architecture, Wireframing & Prototyping, Stakeholder management.
Overview: Here I worked with a Content Strategist, Strategy consult and were asked to create a clear list of objectives that the CTP team could take away to help them grow their website and focus their content on to the right user.
Here my focus was to run a workshop to go through their current user journeys, focusing on the journey for the general public and the business user. From how users might first see a piece of their content on social media, through to downloading documents and guides that will help keep you and your colleagues safe.
What we found was that a lot of the CTP content is out there, but as different police websites and event sites, do use their content, there is no branding or links that take users back to the CTP website.
Once the workshop was completed, we put together a document detailing our thoughts where I gave insight into the journey where and how their content could be best served, giving some ‘how might we questions’ allowing the CTP team to have a clear list of problems to address when creating and adding content to their site. Along with this I put together an audit for their website that would help them answer those questions.
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