Conversational Design

Project: Conversational Design
Project: BA Airlines
Company: MUXL Academy
Date: July 2018
Intro: A quick overview of a project when taking the Conversational design course run by Mobile UX London.


The brief set by MUXL: British Airways has realised the potential of using VUI to remove friction from their customers’ experience and your role is to design a Alexa skill to help users through their journey of booking a flight to the day of their flight.


First a web search to find the BA style guide, in particular the tone of voice, to help us understand how to start writing our scripts.

Then we put together a quick interview guide and gained a couple of insights off some friends, into their travel experiences, From this we created a quick user journey to decide where to focus our project.


Here I quickly typed out a script that would show how our user and Alexa might interact. From this it was clear that I should focus on travel arrangements that had already been booked, rather than introduce a flight booking flow due to their being too many options for the user to remember, where a screen would perfume much better.

Prototype and flows

I then took the quick scripts that were created, and built this into a prototype using Storyline (now Voice flow). This allowed us to see how the flow of the conversation would work, and where different parts would have to link into each other.

I then took this prototype and quickly tested it with a couple of colleagues