Instore NFC application

Project: Instore NFC
Company: Samsung
Date: March 2018


Here we were tasked to put together a concept to help users interact with products in store, blending the online and offline customer journey. Using NFC to help users in store to find out more about the products they are interested in whilst being able to remove the clutter around the products on show. A study from Human Anatomy & Physiology, Pearson Interactional showed on average users only read 28% of words in front of them, showing how stripping back the displays can help get the right messages to the user.

A study by Nordic eye tracking found only 10% recall seeing any digital signage despite 47% of time customers attention going on the product. Also finding that 53% of customers wanted to get the best deals when they are shopping instore. Also finding that 87% of customers use their mobile before visiting, 79% whilst in store and 35% after visiting the store. With 82% of customers saying they consult their phones on purchases they are about to make instore and 91% turn to their phones for ideas within the middle of a task. Showing how important it is to merge the instore and online journeys so that users can validate the decisions they are about to make.

User journey

Here we were tasked to create a user journey to help paint the picture of customers as they shop for a new phone, showing their emotional state and how this concept can help reassure customers decisions, along with creating a wireframe and design to show how the application could work.

Here we went out the user journey using our persona, showing how she would go about upgrading her phone and buying instore, and highlighting how the NFC scanner can help the user through their shopping mission.

Once we had finished collecting peoples’ thoughts and feedback we then briefed our user journey into a designer to create a digital format that could be used within a presentation deck.


The next phase of the project was to create concepts or how we felt the finished product could look. Below was the ideas of how I felt the user could use the application whilst helping to shop in store, trying to allow the user to browse the products online as they would instore.


We then came together with our ideas to create the final version of wireframes before briefing these into design to create visuals of the application.