Lifestyle configurator

Project: Lifestyle configurator
Company: Samsung
Date: March 2018


Here I was asked to design a concept to help showcase an idea for a lifestyle config, that allows Samsung users to filter through the various products by saying how they will be using the phone/ tablet.


First we looked at all the filters that we could use, to help us offer the products that would be suited. This got us breaking each section into payment, lifestyle, work, style, wearables and seeing what options fit into these area. Once drawing up some quick wireframes to show how these would work, we took a look and started to scale down the options to leave with 3 main areas that the user would have to choose from, Pay, Lifestyle and style. These options then allow us to show the products that would best suit the user, as well as highlighting the apps, and accessories the user might find helpful at point of sale.



Final concept wireframes