Dynamic pricing

Project: Dynamic pricing
Client: VUE
Company: TH_NK
Date: January 2019

Skills used: Information Architecture, Wireframing & Prototyping, Usability testing
The problem: How can VUE cinemas get more users to buy tickets online before going to teh venue.
Solution: To create a number of different designs that would first be taken to usability testing, with the learnings going into a couple of design that could be tested at a couple of locations across the UK.


My first project when joining TH_NK, was to help with Dynamic pricing. Here two versions had already been designed, with the aim to try and move customers from buying tickets at the venue, to buying them online before the day of the viewing.

Here I attended user testing run by Bunneyfoot of the first two designs. This resulted in us creating three variations of the Dynamic Pricing proposition that would be taken into test at selected venues.

These propositions were:

• Buying tickets based on your seat location.
• Introducing Peak & Off Peak ticket prices.
• Booking tickets in advance of the day and saving money.

Loom Video
6 min

Buying tickets based on your seat location.

Here the cost of seats within the cinema change depending on their location and size.

Introducing Peak & Off Peak ticket prices

Users here would pay a premium when going to the cinema at peak times.

Booking tickets in advance

As it was felt the On peak/Off peak didn’t meet the original brief to get users to buy tickets online, it was adapted to give users a reduced price if booking tickets in advance.