CTP Website audit

Project: Website Audit
Client: Counter Terrorism Police
Company: EPAM
Date: April 2020

Skills used: Leading workshops, Experience mapping, Website auditing, Information Architecture, Wireframing & Prototyping, Stakeholder management
Project intro: Create a clear list of objectives that the CTP team could take away to help them grow their website.


To look at the current digital offering the CTP team has, and put together a set of recommendations on how to improve their websites, and social media channels.My role within this project was to look at the initial website and competitors, as well as put together the current user journeys to highlight where the problems are arising to the CTP team.

Initial site review

The initial task for me was to go through the CTP website and their various micro sites reviewing their current content and design, pointing out areas that could be improved, and looking at how the main sites interact with their micro sites.

User Journeys

The next step of the project was to create a couple of user journeys to show how the general public and business would consume, interact, or come across counter terrorism content. One of the main points to come out of this was seeing how third party websites were using CTP content, but there was no mention of the CTP brand.

Once these journeys had been created, a workshop was run which included individuals from our strategy and content teams who were working on other other areas of the project, along with the CTP team. This was to highlight any areas within the journey that may be missed, as well as to talk through the journeys and highlight any issues, or observations along the way.

On the back of this, I used the comments from the workshop to help create ‘how might we’ questions to give the CTP team a focus on the problems they are trying to solve when creating content and assets for their websites.


The final part of this project was to put together a set of recommendations around how I felt the website would best suit users, and how they should best be positioning their content. Here the main advice was to break the website up into the certain areas: Public, Business, and Media, allowing these audience types to access the different information they need without having to search through multiple pages.

Thoughts on the project

It was great learning a different subject and understanding the different difficulties they face, from informing the public and business on how to prepare, and behave during an attack to taking action if worried about an individual, to how to get the public interested in the subject.

It was difficult trying to give recommendations on the project without going down the design route, and it would have been great to get some thoughts down and see how the recommendations given by us would hold up before handing across to the CTP to implement.