Product and services

Project: Products and Services
Client: BT Wholesale
Company: EPAM
Date: Januray 2021

Skills used: Information Architecture, Site maps, Wireframing, Briefing Developer, Copy writers, UI designers
The proble BT Wholesale needed a new area within the hub that would allow users to learn about the product range BT offer.


With the decision that the public facing was going to be focused on creating new leads we needed to create an area for products focused on existing customers to BT.

This would allow us at a later stage to personalise the content to the resellers but also have a place where documents can be stored and accessed. Currently one of the issues was that BT account managers had to spend a lot of their time helping their customers (resellers) find the documents they needed.


An initial design was made by another team to visualise this area, where each product was given an individual page. After building this into a prototype and working this through with a copy writer we quickly realised that there were far too many pages and the site would become unmanageable both from a content perspective but also from a dev perspective, and eventually lead to a bloated area giving a poor experience.

Using the product hierarchy and IA that was designed when looking at the BTW Public facing website I restructured the area. Using the components that were already designed but changing the hierarchy. So the tab sections were used on the category pages, rather than on the initial landing page. This allowed us to put the product sub groups on a category page, stopping us from having to send the user to multiple different pages.

Designing in this way helped keep the section clean for the user, but also reduced the work for copy writers, and also meant the development team could build two pages and then re-use this across the area.